Vintage Hairstyles
  Vintage Hairstyles Retro Vintage Hairstyles are as popular as ever with new influences from the 20’s and 30’s. Popular looks for weddings and they look stunning with a vintage hair piece to master the look. Different styles are created with pin curls, curls, which set the basis for many vintage hairstyles. Finger waves, marcel waves, victory rolls and waves created from pin curls all create today’s beautiful hairstyles. There is unlimited inspiration to be found in curls, twists, and updo’s our mothers and grandmothers used to wear so well. How to Create a vintage Braided Bun Masterpiece: Braid the front of your hair in a thick side braid. Create height on the top of your head with a teasing comb. Curls the rest of your hair with a hot tong or GHD. Bring curls around to the side and pin into a soft low side bun. Spray well. A very popular vintage wedding hair style. You can add plait pieces for added volume and wrap and pin into style.
15 Mar 2018 in Hair Styling Tips
Popular Wedding Hairstyle Low Bun
Popular Wedding Hairstyle Low Bun The Low Bun is a popular Wedding look in any era and can look vintage with a plait or braid added. It is a good idea to try a few different looks at your trial. There are a variety of buns to choose from and your Hair Stylist can make many suggestions as to what suits your Wedding style. ” My favourite look”, says Hair Stylist, Tamara is large plait pieces added around a side bun with a side fringe, it looks sophisticated with a vintage clip and is classy and creative, buns are popular because they not only look great but hold your hair in place all day, so you don’t need to worry. Your hair will hold in place all day with a little hair spray.
13 Mar 2018 in Hair Styling Tips
Fishtail Braid Step By Step
Fishtail Braid Step By Step Guide The Fishtail braid is popular for a casual beach look on a hot Summer’s day or you can make it vintage and turn it into a bun for your Wedding Day, or that special Event. There are so many creative ways of wearing the fishtail plait and it’s such a simple technique. 1.  Section hair into a side pony or you may do it loose, on the side. 2. Take two sections of the hair both of even thickness. bring small strips of hair crossing over to meet each section. 3.  Repeat this pattern until the end of the plait. This look is most effective on long hair and can be worn on the side, which is usually a popular look. 4. You can do this on wet or dry hair. It can be done as a braid using the same technique, just start on the top of the head. 5.Once you know how you can be creative, create looks such as plaits, braids, buns, and many different looks. 6. Transform your side fish plait into a bun, in a neat twist and secure with bobby pins for a different look.  
10 Mar 2018 in Hair Styling Tips
Vintage Curls
  Vintage Curls Let’s go back  to the Retro era of Vintage Curls, hairstyles from this era are the ultimate Look! Vintage Curls from the 40’s – pin curls and 50’s – rockabilly quiffs to 70’s – flicks and – 80’s root boost, even the Celebrities are truly inspired by the different decades and those days were as exciting as they looked. Vintage Curls are exceptional! So, think rollers, hairspray and plenty of pins! “The catwalk trends for 2013 and 2014 are really putting a modern twist on Retro styles,”  “Finger waves are a big favourite at the minute and why not experiment with them, – the best way to achieve the look of perfection is to use a wand or small barrel tong and a soft bristle brush. For shorter hair, try a retro pin curl, you just need lots of clips and a good quality hairspray such as L’Oreal, quiffs will work on all hair lengths, long or short!” All you need is to be inspired and let your creativity flow. Vintage curls don’t require the use of a curling iron or even hot rollers. The no-heat method for retro ringlets only requires time and a little patience.  […]
03 Mar 2018 in Hair Styling Tips
Braids From fishtail and waterfall to dutch braids and milkmaids there are many different creative braids to choose from worn by celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Taylor Swift and Drew Barrymore. Vintage brides in 2013 wear beautiful, creative braid styles. As simple as a plait can be most effective. There are so many different braid styles to choose from. Different braids include reverse french braids, mermaid braid, milkmaid braid and waterfall braid. Braids look great worn down the front of the head and then wrapped around a bun. You can add plaited pieces, as extensions into hairstyles for that extra ‘wow’ factor. Ask your Hair Stylist for some unique ideas and experiment with your own hair.
03 Mar 2018 in Hair Styling Tips