The Perfect Foundation

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The Perfect Foundation

The perfect foundation should look smooth and silky and vanish into the skin without a trace. It will cover any redness and pigmentation. It is always best to try before you buy its needs to be the perfect shade and texture to your skin.

Make-up Artist Tamara says “It is best to go one shade warmer than your natural skin tone.” Always choose a foundation with 30 SPF. Your foundation should last the duration of the day without needing to reapply if done correctly.

Do your research on the best foundations, experiment and find the right one for you. Some of my favourite’s include Ella Bache, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Bare Minerals ans MAC.

Before applying a new foundation have a clean and moisturized face. ALWAYS check what it looks like in the natural light. Foundations are designed for oily, dry, mature, normal, and sensitive skin.

If your skin is oily look for words like “oil free” or “oil control”. Women with dry skin should look for moisturizing foundations like “moisture rich” or “hydrating”


1. Begin with clean hands and a clean face.

2. Apply a moisturizing sunscreen and primer and set the foundation.

3.The moisturizer, sunscreen and primer need to set for 2 minutes.

4. Camouflage your dark under eyes circles with a concealer in a patting technique.

5.Brushes are ideal for applying foundation they blend the foundation perfectly you can also use a make-up sponge.

6. Apply a dot on every area of your face and blend the foundation use upward strokes. Go over again for a very even coverage.

7. Set with a loose powder.

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