Wedding Day Beauty Tips

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Wedding Day Beauty Tips

– One of the best Wedding Day Beauty Tips is don’t wash your Hair on the day

Let your hairs’ natural oils work their magic, it will make it look shinier and healthier. Your style will hold in place better. Shampoo and condition your hair the night before, especially if you are wearing a curly style, such as curls, which hold better in hair that is not too soft.

– Combat fly-aways

“Use Hairspray and serum to combat fly-aways,  smooth strands with a good serum like Goldwell Serum,” says Tamara, a Bridal Beauty Hair and Make-up expert. Apply a small amount to your fingers first and rub through. Secure any longer strands with bobby pins. Carry a small hairspray with you in your handbag in case you need it at some time.

– Revive flat Hair with a good shake

Hair that is worn down, runs the risk of falling out. Flip your head forward and spray with a good hairspray, L’oreal is a good brand to use,  just shake your hands through it and then spray.

– Carry a powder compact in your bag

Maintain clean eye make-up by patting powder under your eyes with a clean sponge, keeping the eye area fresh into the night. Remove any eyeliner with a cotton bud.

– Wear Sunscreen under your Make-up

Wear sunscreen under your make-up you may be outdoors for photos wear a 30+SPF sunscreen many photo sessions take place in sunlight.

– Carry a lipstick and lipliner in your bag

Be sure to reapply your lipstick after meals, kissing, dancing etc. Always outline your lips first with a good lip liner and then apply lipstick. Use a tissue to get rid of any excess lipstick.

– Be careful not to get Make-up on your Wedding Dress

Have someone help you get dressed, it is too easy to rush and end up with a spot of make-up on your Dress.







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