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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pupils in a class?
Our classes are mostly private, our classes are kept small to ensure each pupil receives personal training. The most in a class is 3 and a 10% discount is offered is this is the case.
Do we have to complete assignments to hand in each week?
No, we do not give homework in the way of assignments, only ask you to practise what you have learnt during class, as much as possible on in between classes and after you have completed your Course, usually friends and relatives are happy to be your models.
Are there set exams?
No, we do not set exams, you are assessed for your Certificate through your hair demonstrations and make-up applications also, your progress in class. At the end of your course you will do demonstrations of what you have learnt on a model.
Do we have different teachers each week?
No, you will always have the same teacher for your entire course, except in the case of illness.
Are we able to do any of our own hairstyles and make-up to bring out our personal creativity?
Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to create your own hair and make-up looks, incorporating what you have learnt during your training.
How much of our class is actually hands-on?
Most of the class is hands-on, we give you written notes of which we expect you to read during your training; we encourage you to take down your own notes in class, especially the details of the make-up and hair designs you have created that day.
How many looks do we complete in a Hair or Make-up Course of 8 weeks?
Approximately 17 to 20 Hair Designs or, 12 to 15 Make-up applications, depending which subject you are studying and how long your Course is.
Do we learn how to copy make-up and hair looks out of a Magazines?
Yes, we will teach you how to do this and it will come naturally after you have learnt the basics and technical side of Hair and Make-up. We encourage you to bring with you magazines with any inspirational designs in Hair or special Make-up looks and to start your own Portfolio.
Do we receive a Certificate at the end of our Course, or at the end of the year?
Certificates are given within a month after the completion of your Course, providing you have passed your assessments and attended all your classes.